Problem account manager

How can we change our account manager , we have reached a stage where it is no longer feasible or practical to deal with this person 


We had a similar problem, fortunately our one magically disappeared! We know we have a new one but they have not made contact and neither have we.

Your account manager is usually based at the most local office to you, if there is a higher or main office in your country just go over their head. If you feel the need to mention your AM problem be very factual and fair.


We have the same problem. We are complaining for nearly one years rearing the different hotels link places in our price performance dashboard but nobody solve it out. We wrote over 100 complains every weeks. We got penalized caused of booking.com systems errors. therefore low in ranking and less on sales. I think booking.com doesn't care caused of their monopoly but it lose their goodwill caused.

Anyone has any ideas to solve the issues ??