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Product updates / Extranet

Dear Team and Community,


Is there any page or site, where we can track new updates for the Extranet? I was not able to find any.


For example, we are not able to access the calendar in view mode for some reason anymore for properties, connected to a channel manager. This is very uncomfortable! We need to be aware of such changes, as this costs a lot of time in communication...

Thanks in advance!



Yes top right of the admin portal, if you click on the name of your property (to the left is account and to the right help) you will see the notifications. There is currently one about the new scoring system but no mention of changes to the calendar view.

What mode are you unable to view? Is it list view?

Chavdar Marinov

Thanks, actually I have no access to this page as well, it says:


Access denied

To access this page, contact your property’s administrator (admin) who's in charge of managing accounts and access rights for your property.


We are actually using a connectivity partner account. Seems did an update for such accounts...


yes maybe and I suspect the problems you mentioned earlier regarding the access to the view is related to the access credentials which need updating. GL!