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Promotion dates show up as closed rooms.

 Hi everyone,

I set up a promotion starting from 22 November but on the calendar the promotion dates show up as closed rooms (red) because there's no price for those rooms.

The promotion says 40% off the standard rate and the standard rate is shown. It's also possible to book the rooms on the customer site on the days of the promotion but only against the standard rate. 

Clicking on the red room dates does not turn them green. What is going on?



Leandri Klopper

Hi Caroline,

Oh boy, every time I read a post like this I feel so powerless. I never know how to troubleshoot this. Did you wait a while before you checked if the promotional rates are showing? Sometimes it takes a few mintues for the promotion to be updated on the website.

If it's a technical error like this then I suggest you phone a friend at to hear if there is something wrong with the system or if it's a setting that you need to fix on your side.

Best of luck


Hello Leandri,

I did wait a while before posting my comment. Just checked again now and phew! It came through with the correct price advertised and the rooms in green.

Thanks for your post.


Leandri Klopper

Hi Caroline!

I'm so stoked to hear that! Thanks for letting us know. :-)

(I'm also very relieved considering I wouldn't have known what to suggest next hehe)

Happy Bookings!