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Promotions for Guests from China

We have just received this message form When we have asked in the past to be able to offer discounts to guests from particular destinations ( to tie in with holiday periods in other countries)   we were told by that this was not possible because of race equality considerations.

So why now is it possible to select guests from China for reduced prices? 

Any other forum members have any experience of this?

Copy of Message from

Get more bookings from China this season
Travellers from China travel internationally during late September and early October more than any other time of year. That's because it's Golden Week – a week-long national holiday and celebration. To take advantage, join the Golden Week Sale. Offer at least a 20% discount exclusive to travellers from China. You'll get a special badge next to your property to advertise the discount and attract guests.


China is now a much bigger pot, money talks!



Could someone please, give me more info about China golden week promotion ?

If i activate this promotion , does it combine with my October basic deal promotion ? Or guests from China will have only their discount ( for Golden week ) and others from other countries will get basic October deal discount ?

I am afraid that guest from China would get both .

I can`t find answer on the help page

Thank you all in advance


VERY good question. I have been asking BDC through messaging and my account manager, both have either ignored the question or given side-stepped answers.

Neither will give a straight answer to this question, real Golden week is half gone and the remainig "dregs-week" soon upon us.

Total communication failure on this subject from BDC.


Very good question! This promotion was so mysterious. Booking kept quiet and unreachable. One thing I know for sure - if they can get double discount, they will get! 😂

Since we are not located in China, we can't see how promotion looks like on their gadgets. That what I normally do, I log on as I am the guest on a different gadget and monitor my own promotions.

Out of curiosity, I tried to run this promotion on few units. We did have few Chinese clients, but we normally have few Chinese clients. I can't say this promotion changed anything. There is also no special tag to see the promotion performance.


Thank you for answer! It is not clear at all,

It seems that guests will have the higher discount ( if there are different promotions applied ) but I am really not sure . also it is not clear from their pdf file rates_and_deals_pdf.

I sent them direct message in inbox, I will update you if I get clear reply




Good luck!

If this is your first question on the subject you will most likely get;

"We've forwarded your message to a specialist on this topic. They generally respond within 3 days. Nothing else is needed from you in the meantime."

Unfortunately that 3 days becomes a distant fact every time I get that standardised response nothing more is forthcoming...maybe it really means "filed under B for bin"?


It is the second one :)

Thanks, anyway, I have already deactivated Golden week promotion just for precaution, and as you all mentioned, it is almost at the end. I am only sorry that for few weeks I was taking only this one from half of September till one week ago , and I do have my doubts that it was caused the lack of interest and harmed to my bookings and visibility .

We have had guests from China already in the past ( without this badge) so now, I really think it was tricky and misleading . Especially because we all don`t have possibility to check or to see preview ( as Katerinka12 mentioned)

Once again, Thank you all, I will post update , if any :)