Property not visible when searching with filter: 2 people, 1 room, under 50$


Our property has double rooms (100$), apartments(150$) and dormitory beds (50$).

The dormitory beds are below 50$ but when a customer would search and filter for:

2 persons, 1 room, under 50$, we don't show up

We only show up when it changed to 1 person, 1 room, under 50$


In this way we would loose all the potential guests that travel in groups or couples that want to stay in the dorm beds.


Can anyone help?



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Hi Arne Max Olaf Barwinski


Yes indeed we can, but you half to meet us half way first  by:

Adding the missing property link into your partner profile so we can view it. Its a crucial missing detail that helps us help you.


How-To : How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile

Once you complete that task reply here and we can go to next step.


Once I can review it I should be able to figure out where the issue is .



Kind Regards, Be Safe. Be Well


5 months ago

which was what? 


Please dont get into the bad habit of opening a topic and then finding a solution and never  share it.to bring the topic to a conclusion.

It may help someone else later.


PS: you profile is still missing your property link ,please complete it.

5 months ago