Question of the week: How do you make your property stand out to guests?

Hi everyone,

We’ve seen a lot of you talking about certain ways you can attract more guests – so we thought we’d start a conversation to get all the tips in one place.

Juancsandoval makes sure his property’s photos are frequently updated. Katerinka12 offers 24-hour check-in to make her property stand out from the rest. And Ksovreliemma thinks the key to attracting more guests lies with good guest reviews.

But how do you attract more travellers to your front door?

Post your ideas and tips below!


Sorry to say but booking.com hasn't paid us payments due since the past 4 months. Any idea how to escalate the issue.


To attract more guest to our front door, is a challenge.In my case I use all my efforts to bring guests to our installlation by promotion in booking which it makes our most important key to compete with other guesthouse in the area.We have tried to welcome them by offerring a welcome drink, by offering free water, coffee.Also, we have a facebook page that promote the guesthouse.We try...


omg...that is dissapointment Rajataikant , you need to call the regional office and bring their attention.Send an email, I am pretty sure there must be an explanation for this.

M Adamopoulou

Guests are always seeking for bargains so I try using unique promotions that BDC offers in Opportunity tab.
Whenever there’s an event in my area I try to get involved.
My area is not a touristic one but people are interested also in places that doesn’t have to much fuss...
Wish you all a great day...

Dee Kernan

Hi Everyone I think the introduction of our property in bookings.com is very limited and as they interpret what you want to say doesn't always give a good impression. There needs to be more freedom in how we introduce our property.