Question of the Week: How do you use guest information to deliver a great experience?

All travellers appreciate a personalised experience - that makes their stay memorable and gives them stories to tell! And when it comes to understanding guests' experience during their stay and adding that extra touch to wow them, we know you’re the experts!

If you receive some extra info from some guests related to your guests age or activities and topics they’re interested in during their trip how does this info help you deliver a better experience for your guests? Any examples of a time this info really helped you create a great guest experience? Share you advice.

Dharma Raj baral

Hi Ilaria there are alot topics can be used about guest relation but most importantly how you react to guest to make their stay memorial! Well different People like different thing or behave. For me the important is being honest and giving them right information around us and help them to enjoy the trip. This is why I took my guest not in to tourist destination but the village where they can see real local people and there lifestyle and may be some history.

Mashi Niwarthana

I totally agree with you Mr. Dharma Raj. Reaction is the best answer. And honesty is the greatest thing in the world. We must help them to enjoy their tour.


After one of our guest's sad they where coming on their honeymoon (close to Valentines day, also my wife and my anniversary) last month we used it to have some fun and really surprise them (no extra charge)


Samuel, it's so wonderful and thoughtful as the host. Were you able to get flowers so fast?

When is your anniversary (of what ?) with your wife?


Wedding Anniversary 15th Feb (Valentines day was on a Sunday that year so we took the next day)

we have a local flower shop nearby and they give us good discounted rates, now we offer flowers and champagne packages to our guests who would like to surprise their significant other ;-)

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Samuel I just saw your incredible photos. What a host! You surely surprised your guests. I can imagine your guests drinking all that pink champagne and having fun!!!


M Adamopoulou

Katerinka, I thought you knew.

Laura is not with Booking anymore. Its more than a month I guess.

Today is another day, so be happy!!!


We take guest feedback as a way of improving our service (if possible!)
If guests let us know about special events we do try to provide a card of wine or whatever need to mark the occasion.

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Katerinka12,

M Adamopoulou is right, Laura left a few weeks ago and I'm back from my maternity leave break.

Look forward to reading all your posts and comments, so much knowledge and expertise all around.

Keep up the great work,



We are a 17-bedroom boutique hotel in Gruene, Texas. The property was built in 1998 and we have so many repeat customers. We pay attention to the details. For example, we learned last year that one of our guests really enjoys our home made chocolate chip and pecan cookies. When he came to stay with us last week, there was a note in his file so one of the staff members made some fresh cookies for him and put them in his room with a note.

We have twin sisters who come stay every year for about ten days. Our boss learned what their favorite wine is, and now will have it set up in their room every year.

We focus really hard on building relationships with our guests. They are the reason we are in business, and adding small things for them will really get them to know how much we appreciate them.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Lindsey8147 you are a very kind and thoughtful host.

Building relationships with guests is part of hosting so both parties can benefit from. I always treet my guests with a glass of a wine when they arrive. They love it.

I absolutely agree with you that it is the small things in life that count.

Have a pleasant day...