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Question of the Week: How do you use the Visibility Booster?

Hi everyone,

We’re curious to hear about your experiences of using the Visibility Booster. Do you use it to increase your occupancy in low season, or to be seen by more guests during peak season – or both?

Have you ever tried targeting guests from a specific country? Haven’t heard of this tool before? Find out all you need to know about the Visibility Booster. We’d also love to know what kind of impact the Visibility Booster has had on your bookings.

Share your experiences in the comments below!

Domanda settimanale

Isle of Wight …

It's yet another thing that requires us to pay more commissions - the commissions are already extremely high. We're not prepared to keep increasing our rates to accommodate all these commissions when we can get bookings easily from AirBnB or TripAdvisor .....

J&B Apartments…

Dear Isle of Wight.... I couldn't agree more! is chasing us aggressively to give yet more discounts here and more genius discounts there. It's getting to a point where all these discounts add up to 25% or more.

This has to seriously stop, because it makes the entire business case unattractive. We are already considering a retreat from our apartment rental business as income has dropped significantly while the amount of bookings roughly stays the same.


And another problem is that lousy ugly accomodations are using the booster because it's their Only tiny chance to catch the client. I don't want to be associated with them... 


Yup, all of the above. As you can target a certain country for a discount, therefore discriminating against all the others, why can you not exclude a country from a promo, only discriminating against one?

I can think of one country that I would exclude from most promos given the chance.


Hi i find the  Promotions much affictive  for weekend  ... if i see  i out of gust .

i put  down  price  15-20%....  and get booking , 

J&B Apartments…

Well the issue remains. chases us to give discounts on every corner. Sommer deals, week-end specials, genius discounts, additional discounts and so forth.

I quite frankly don't understand what makes almost everybody a genius booker? Do they generate so much volume and if so, why is now almost everybody a "genius"?

This also cuts into's revenue and I wonder what the agenda is. But certainly there is no point in boosting visibility if it means you're selling at a yet another discount.

In essence, boosting visibility should help you promote more sales, meaning you give some and get some more back. But that is not true. As soon as you stop boosting you're off the radar. So don't see the point in using it.


Any person on his 2nd reservation can get Genius status. And for those who didn't do well in school, it sounds like an incredible idea of being a VIP in an average property with kind and understanding host 😊

On other hand, it's our choice to use these promotions or no. 


J&B Apartments…

Dear Katerinka12,

I did not know that they give away the genius status like candy. I thought it was worth something, but if it's just the average Joe than it's like asking to give discounts to almost everybody.

It would be nice if would comment in this thread...

consuelo ruiz

Hi. In my personal case, I use the visibility booster, but I don't appear in No.1 To improve my occupation, I give 10% discount for 2 nights and lower the value of the night. I'd rather earn less, but know I have guests. This is very competitive and people go for the price.

Greetings from Colombia

Casa Bribon


i want to remove visibility booster active on my property listing .kindly