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Question of the Week: How green is your thumb?

Hi everyone,

The right selection of plants can bring any space to life. So if you’re someone who likes to deck your property out in greenery, we’d love to know how you go about it!

Which plants are best to keep inside? Do guests often comment on a particular plant you have? What kind of greenery needs the least amount of attention?

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say – and we’d love to see any photos you have of your favourite plants!



Most of our African surroundings is often green in nature. Lots of trees and flowers in our hotel so we decided to separate our rooms with a live well trimmed fence from the inside. Hahaha i remember our science teacher used to advice us that live plants consumes a lot of oxygen at night,that is why we avoided to include them very close to our rooms interior.

Ilaria - Commu…

Thank for sharing Kibokoafrica ,

We would like to see a picture of that fence :)

Have a lovely day!

Ilaria - Commu…

Thank you so much, it's impressive! Nice one.

M Adamopoulou

Kibokoafrica your rooms are beautiful. You are a very good photographer....
Have a great day...

M Adamopoulou

Ilaria, thank you for this Green topic...

Green thumbs everybody!!!

Houseplants are the best roommates!!! They never eat your food....they are always there to listen to you....and best of all, they help you get a good nights sleep.

Its well known that plants purify the air. There are lots of plants that help you sleep!!!The interesting part is that each plant helps in different ways.

Some plants are better at purifying the air and helping you breathe easier in the evening since they release a lot of oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale in our sleep. Aloe vera plants, mothers tongue and spider plants are examples of these plants.

Bedroom or bathroom plant lovers lets start again....from the begining...



We are creating or expanding our village experience. I wonder if this is a supportable idea and if anyone has any information or interests? As for the green thumb there were trees planted before and last visit some fruit trees added and then last night more fruits added too. So think Tarn took pictures when she was planting so if there is interest as stated let us know and we can add some here?


We have just put in pots , kind of pencil pines to give our guests privacy without having a wall, so much better, so totally natural, and looks lovely too


When we moved into our cottage which became our guest house, there were these awful dead sticks everywhere in the garden. I remember so well telling my husband as soon as we are unpacked we are going to pull out all these dead sticks.

The next thing we got the most beautiful display ever - the sticks became covered in tiny white flowers. This happens twice a year and it transforms these dead sticks completely.

My advice is to wait and see what is in your garden before pulling out anything - you never know you may be as surprised as we were.


Doesn't it all depend on yoir location? In Washington State in a temperate climate I pit as much color in spaces the guest have direct contact. The raves keep coming
Lots of bulbs right now