Rate Adjustment during Slow seasons

These Seasons here in Florida, the rate are fluctuating I wonder, how others are handling this adjustment. For instance, My room maybe for 2, if We drop the price, should we maybe remove free breakfast to keep expenses down, Or should I make the room for 1 instead of 2. Any suggestions on keeping cost down on low seasons? Thank you.


Your low season price should be based on at least being able to cover all costs with hopefully enough on top to make worthwhile but also in line with genuine competition.

Your real profit is in high season when it's a sellers market.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Sandseatravel thanks for posting. It’s a question that also I nterests me.
fluff thanks for your helpful information. I agree with you that’s what I think....
This month I have dropped my rates but not the service.
Profit is very limited but as you mentioned profit is in high season.