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#Rebuilding Together

Dear Community, 

We are starting to see encouraging signs that travelers are beginning to book again! 

In order to help you attract as many guests as possible, as soon as possible, our teams have created a Recovery Toolkit full of advice and insights to support you and your property as we emerge from these challenging times. We will continue to update the Toolkit as more and more initiatives are ready to launch.

We are also launching the hashtag #rebuilding to make it easier for you to share and find tips and advice from fellow partners to help you through this time. 

Get started now by sharing a post with how you are #rebuilding your business. 

Looking forward to reading your great advice! 

Sergei and the Community Team 

Abbey Hotel

Dear Colleauge

I need to open up my bookings for july august and september. I need to open rooms and update rates.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

In your calendar you can select dates an open your rooms.

Wish you a great restart...

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei for toolkit...

Your recovery toolkit box is very helpful...

Hope it can help us restart and please our guests...

Wish everyone a great summer season with amazing reservations.

Viktor Frank

Hello team,

I am very pleased that the travel business is picking up again and making your great toolboxes.

It would help me if would make its contribution with regard to hosts.

I had a booking from a guest for one day, so the calendar was so blocked that other guests could not arrive for the weekend.

I asked the guest several times in advance if he or she would actually arrive at the current time. It took until the end and the guest did not cancel 24 hours before. In doing so, they blatantly ignored the agreements and refunded him the full price, so that I was left with the costs.

Is this the partnership you keep talking about?

Viktor Frank

yes, it's a single unit.

If a guest only books the Sunday, the unit is not interesting for many guests who want to spend the weekend in the city.

I have asked the guest several times if he actually comes. No reaction. Then the guest cancels 24 hours before arrival, claims that I agreed to the free cancellation (which is demonstrably wrong) and I remain on the expenses.

But hey, for that we want #together rebuild. But what does together mean?

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei,

For your response to Viktor I got 5 email notifications!!!

I cannot understand why???


Hey M Adamopoulou! Let's test it right now :) How many notifications have you received for this reply?

M Adamopoulou

It’s working ok now...

I got 3 notifications.

Thanks for your kind help Sergei...

Wish you a lovely day...