Request from Guest

A guest has made a booking and under "Request from guest" the guest has requested to check in between 4am and 5am. We are unable to accommodate this request. How and where do I respond to this request? Do I just send a message? Or is there a function where I need to respond under the "request" tab to deny his request?

Please assist. Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi Jacquie and welcome to the Partner Community.

You can respond to your guest by just sending a message to him.

Wish you wet.

M Adamopoulou


Yes it is!!!

Sorry for that... but a good laugh doesn’t hurt...



Hi Jacquie, Under  Policies, set the check-in times and then for the out of these hours part under message perferences set a message with no auto accept for free that way they have ot wait for a confirmation.


Also in you message preferences for Autom message sent upon new reservation in the top of that message, declare it there also to clarify check in options.



The most direct way to reply and confirm  is simply click on their reservation .

In there towards the botom will be a message window of the history of auto and manual messages. You can quickly reply directly using this.

also there is a speech bubble icon which allows you to choose one of your message templates and can edit it on the fly prior to sending if needed.