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reservations guests from China in Suriname.

Recently opened my accomodation in Suriname,

I only get reservations from Chinese guests for 3 weeks or more, but they never show up! I think they use my adress for their apply of a visa. Adress they give does not exist and phone numbers are often the same as other Chinese 'guests', so it's actually one big fraude, but my rooms are booked but meanwhile real guests can't make a reservation. doe not verify their phone numbers while despite my wishes. More people with this problem?

Vanna Liapopoulos

Yes, I had the same problem from other countries when I had no prepayment sent in my policy.

you have to change your policy to prepayment so you can cancel them if they do not send the payment in like 12 or 24 hours or whatever time frame you will give them.

I hope it works out for you.


M Adamopoulou

Joanna I agree with you.  Many partners have same problems. Prepayment is a solution but my payments are facilitated by BDC and cannot have prepayment so I have changed my policies to non-refundable.

Wish you all a lovely evening.



Vanna Liapopoulos

This is even better then. If they have to prepay the whole amount then the reservation cannot be a fraud.