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Revenue produced by Business Bookers


We have implemented Business Bookers in one of our property, I would like to know what was the revenue produced thanks to this special rates.

Is there any way to have this information in the extranet?

Thanks for your feedback.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Thanks for the question. I won't pretend to know much about the Business Bookers programme but I have read on some of the posts on the forum that you can't see precisely what revenue has come from activating it.

I suggest phoning a friend at and asking them if there is something like that. Or you can send them a message on the extranet. Inbox -> messages.

Best of luck!

Delia Angel

Hi Simon,

your Account Manager will be happy to provide yu with data. Just send a note via your extranet with subject: "help with sales" and ask for the report.

Best luck!

Asad C

From what I've heard from other property owners, business bookers are less likely to give excellent reviews. Don't take my word for it though.

Thuild - Your …

Asad Chaudary ,

True if your property does not cater to their needs.

I have a bunch of amenities and things they require, however the most worrying factor is that they do not book for themselves.

Therefore, whenever they arrive, they have no idea that they are staying at a Villa and not some big hotel, so the lack of guests is their first question, where is everybody? Well, let's just day that with 4 rooms, there cannot be a lot of everybody around.

Taking into account the location, near the forest in my case, they get bored alone so they would wish to be in the city center where they can go to a bar and have some drinks, being at my place, they most probably need to drive their car or call a cab, therefore the location review will be something like a 5-7.5(at best).

There might be issues with it. We found a neat way of avoiding them, letting them check out the room and property before check-in to confirm if they want it or not, free cancellation if they don't like it. This way both parties avoid the uncomfortable situations.

We usually receive 50% business 50% leisure travelers, the worst reviews still came from the leisure ones (but that might be because of pure idiots).

Best regards,


The Mermaid at Azure

Hi there,

The newbie haven't heard about the Business Booker Program.

May I know where to click to get some info?



Christine P.

I am not truly convinced that the Business Booker Program will be effective in generating more bookings but with the current downward trend in the hospitality industry in our area, we are willing to try anything.


That would be a super helpful tool, maybe you will receive the information in one of the emails that inform you how your total revenue has changed from previous years?