Set check-in date for only a Saturday at peak summer periods

I have seen forums about setting a specific date of the week for clients to check-in, which for me would be Saturdays during the peak months of July and August.  Other times of year can be left more flexible.  I have looked on the website for help which shows that you click in turn on:

  1. Under the ‘Rates & Availability’ tab, click on Calendar and you’ll see a list of your rooms next to a range of dates.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow under the room rate you’d like to apply the restriction to.
  3. Under 'No arrivals', click on 'Edit'.
  4. Select a date range or specific days of the week that you’d like to make unavailable for check-in.
  5. Under the room name, tick 'I don't want guests to check in on these dates' and click on 'Save changes'.

I cannot go further than step 1 above, the drop down under step 2 doesn't appear and I certainly can't see step 3 'no arrivals' or 'edit' at that point

Can anyone help please?





M Adamopoulou

Hi Steven and welcome to the Partner Community.

You have to request from booking.com to add the feature "no arrivals" "no departures"

Hope this helps.

Steven Reiman

Thanks -so  how do I do that, by phoning them (which tel no?), by email request or a function/tab on website? If you can supply detail I’d be grateful. 

M Adamopoulou

Sorry Steven for delay in my reply but had no internet connection!!!

You can send them a message request through your Extranet inbox.

Wish you a good evening.