Smart Locks what make and can booking.com help

does anyone use smart locks if so what make and are you happy with it and is it safe and can it be linked to booking.com



So I had looked at this and I have it setup except for , 'Linked to BdC'.


What you need as a basic kit to implement is:


  1. Samsung Smart things hub - latest edition not older
  2.  Samsung Smart things Classic app - not the latest
  3. YALE KEYLESS smart lock with zwave module
  4.  optional - Amazon Echo Plus


for the streamlining bookings to create a per booking door code, send message to guest with a template insert their code.

Have code created on Arrival date at 00:00

Pull the checkout Date and have it remove the user code by an expire time,


Unfortunately while it is technically possible not one has developed a 3rd party API platform  for doing this.


The closet one is IFTTT.com, but the missing link is having Booking.com on their partner list to enable access between the related API vendors.