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A stronger summer, together (upd July 15, 2021: more than two-thirds of bookings are made on mobile devices)

Dear Partners,

The summer season is around the corner – and it’s looking optimistic. We’re seeing vaccination programmes continuing to roll out, travel restrictions being eased in certain places and travellers booking more and more stays on our platform. After the difficulties of the last year and a half, our priority is to give you the insights and advice to capture this returning demand.

Six key traveller insights

We’ve distilled the trends we’re seeing into six key traveller insights. Understanding these will help you better cater to travellers’ specific needs and preferences, which in turn will help you stand out from the crowd.

You can expect data-backed advice on how to capture more of the mobile booker segment, how best to address the health and safety concerns of prospective guests and much more. 

Summer 2021. Let’s Go.

You can explore all of this in our summer 2021 guide. We’ve also connected each traveller insight with the solutions that help you leverage it, to make it easier to turn demand into bookings during this important summer.

How do you prepare for the summer season? Tell us in the comments below.

(Update June 10, 2021)

We’re seeing strong signals that people are confident they’ll be travelling again this summer, with over one-third of all the searches on our platform for stays in June, July, August and September. In fact, the searches for these months are back in line with the percentages we saw in 2019 during the same period. To capitalise on this demand, be sure to update your availability in the extranet so you can be visible to these potential guests.

(Update June 24, 2021)

Given how long so many people have been waiting to travel, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are planning to stay longer this summer. Our data shows that there’s a higher proportion of travellers booking stays of seven days or more than at this same point in 2019. 

Add the Weekly Rate Plan to attract travellers looking to book longer stays at a slightly discounted rate. Use it to stand out to this growing segment, reduce operational costs, boost your occupancy and secure more revenue.

(Update July 1, 2021)

Feeling safe has always been important to travellers, but this past year and a half it’s taken on new importance. 70% of people we surveyed said they’re more likely to book a property if it’s clear what health and safety measures are in place. And on average, partners who display their health and safety measures are getting 11% more bookings.

Make sure your health and safety measures are clearly displayed on your property page to attract this demand. Adding your measures will also connect you with more potential guests using our ‘Health & safety’ filter, which is a prominent search filter  on our platform.

(Update July 8, 2021)

When we recently expanded our Genius membership to all travellers with a account, we saw that Genius partners captured 29% more bookings compared to partners not participating in the programme (read more about it here). That’s a huge edge when it comes to this important summer season.

When you join Genius, you can also capture incremental bookings. Our data shows three in four Genius reservations are made by Genius members who visit directly, through strategic partners, or via Booking Holdings sister brands.

(Update July 15, 2021)

Between January and March this year, our app was the most downloaded travel app globally. It comes as no surprise that travellers are searching and booking on mobile devices more than ever before. In fact, more than two-thirds of bookings on our platform are currently made on mobile devices.

Mobile is the fastest-growing booker segment today. A great way to stand out on mobile searches is by offering a Mobile Rate. Our data shows that partners who do see more traffic on their property page and generate up to 28% more mobile bookings.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei,

My garden is welcoming my guests with methystic aromas...I don’t even have to put flowers in vases!!!!


I am fully vaccinated....have made some yellow fluffy colorful sheets..have stonewashed my pavement the Greek traditional way....


My biggest smile has already welcomed my first amazing guests from Germany...


Summer is a very promising season...let’s move it!!!


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei for wishes!!!

My guests are here already and I am very happy that tourism has started rolling!!!


My first guests were from Germany and as always it was a great experience meeting them... although having to keep distances...

Have a nice weekend.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Natalija and welcome to the Partner Community...

My second guests were from your beautiful country...


Wish you also a great season.


Isle of Wight …

It's great that want to "better cater to travellers’ specific needs"

It would be wonderful if would "cater to hosts needs", especially with fixing their broken systems and providing good support (not lies and the usual BS that support come out with).

Hostal Orsi

correct one...they just cover with their new themas,  like " cater to travellers" problem with support for hosts.... Fact is after covid - support of booking isnt more professional as before in year 2010-2019

Sergei - Commu…

Don't miss the new update about how to add the Weekly Rate Plan to attract travellers.

Isle of Wight …

You mean how to offer a discount to people who want to pay full price at the busiest time of the year, so that we all earn less?

M Adamopoulou


Guests are always looking for better offers!!!

Having options might help us since travelling is still very slow…

Summer wishes to everyone 🐠🐠🐠

Sergei - Commu…

Hi everyone! New update of the "Stronger summer, together". 70% of people we surveyed said they’re more likely to book a property if it’s clear what health and safety measures are in place. And on average, partners who display their health and safety measures are getting 11% more bookings. Read more about how to display your health and safety measures on your property page to attract this demand. 

Sergei - Commu…

Dear partners! Happy to share a new update with you. Between January and March this year, our app was the most downloaded travel app globally. Read more in the post.