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Dear Sir or Madame,  My name is Fawzi Jaber, I'm a taxi driver in Israel, I have Mercedes V class 2017, I'm wondering about the taxi service policy in Booking, I'd like to ask about adding this service without having a property on booking. My question is : How can I list a taxi service on you website without listing a property? * I have a personal and business account on booking. Looking forward to hearing from you. Fawzi 


You have posted this on the Partner forum so we are not able to help in this instance.  You can contact the booking.com help team by using the Inbox icon on Extranet or give them a call.


Would it not be easier to approach the hotels in your area and deal directly with them?



Hi Fawzi Jaber



Since you do not have a listing you will not have Extranet access

but you can use the Partner Help > Contact Us

link at the bottom of this page to find the general phone numbers worldwide list .


Contact us



And like Fluff said contact the local accommodation properties, and see who will partner with you for referrals. Be smart about it, network.


You could also edit your topic to post full details of your offering, with where you are based etc, so if we are in same area we can make contact directly and also provide your info in an infographic on our photos to let potential guests know there is an option.


Example Guest requests airport pick up and return dropoff, Host will ask guest to provide all flight details .


Host then contacts you to book the 2 dates for pickup from airport and departure.


You might agree a fixed charge with the host so the guest will see it to be cheaper than a meter based fee etc.. This is common practise in Ireland.


Kind Regards



A question for those who run the forum.

Why has a non-partner managed to login to the forum? Not the first one either.

Is it not necessary to have a property number to login?


Indeed I have noticed guests being able to do this too.


There needs to be a validation gate of some sort added to the registration process.


For those who have a service to list add a new menu tab called Service Providers and let them register as that type with a service showcase listing .


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