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Trip Advisor

I have a rating on my small B&B with of 8.6 which I feel is good for what we have to offer.

But one year ago a guest came and had not read all the rules and gave us a dreadful review on Trip Advisor. A year before this another guest give us a terrible review on Trip Advisor.

So if you look up our property on Trip Advisor all you get is two Terrible reviews. I have complained to Trip Advisor and all they say is I have a right to reply. Which I have done. They will not remove the comments, as who is telling the truth and who is lying I expect is the reason.

I asked how long will these review stay on their site and they say forever, unlike Booking,com for 2 years. did not allow the latter review to go on there site as the guest only stayed 10mins. So he turned to Trip Advisor to vent his views which included lies!

My wife feels guests will read Trip Advisor reviews with my comments then go to to book. My view is no, they will not do this.

My point is the guest will find another was to get back at you when they feel like it, and you can not stop them. 

Mike B, Bed and Breakfast


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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Mike,

I have the reverse effect, they like to bash my property on BDC rather than TripAdvisor.

Well, those are sick people, that's all I can tell you.

What I suggest that you do is ask all guests to leave a TripAdvisor review, therefore with time, your property will not feel the burden of those nasty reviews.

It's all that stands between you crying about it or doing something about it.

We are #1 on TripAdvisor and I can tell you that, here, in this country it doesn't matter as people don't really use TripAdvisor that much.

This can differ from country to country.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

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Kimberlynesbeth 4 years ago

As with Zsolt, I find encouraging as many of your guests as possible to review you on TripAdvisor should help balance out the negative reviews.

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Bed Breakfast4 4 years ago

Thank you. I have contacted some of my guests to ask for another review on Trip Advisor.

One interesting point to note that when given a booking they create a temp. email address for the customer which is not their real email address. This is to protect their real email address.

You can however use this to contact then after guest has gone home but only for a short time as deletes their email address so you can not use it for contact after about a month.

Mike B