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underage guests

We rent an apartment in Italy. May we host minors? We find out that my guests are underage only when we see their identity documents. What can we do if they are both minors or is one of them and they do not have parental consent?


Depends on the law in Italy to a large extent.

Was the booking in their own name?

If yes are your age policies clear on the booking site?

I would expect that once you accept them as guests, knowing their age, you may become responsible for them. You may also have no recourse on damage or non-payment.

G Rizzotti

Thank you very much, I set the age limit of 18 years.

Giovanni and Michela


With Booking you can put restrictions and accept any age you want. To give you an idea, if owner thinks that young people are problematic, they stop to accept people under 25 years old.

In any case, it's your responsibility to check guest ID. It is an advantage for you, not for someone else.

Hope it helps

G Rizzotti

Many thanks for the comments. In reality I am only worried about my possible responsibilities if I host underages who are not children of the person who has booked