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waste separation

Have written to booking that I think they should have the opportunity to have a living that sort the garbage paper, plastic, metal, food waste etc.

(an icon, or a box to select for sorting) But got no hearing for it, but Booking referred to ISO which is good but applies to those who have hotels. Can more write to booking maybe we can become visibly greener. And get environmentally conscious guests! / Magnus

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BrookAve 2 years ago



Hi Photoeverhome  


At the end of the day managing realistic expectations, its just not going to happen.


I even went as far as buying labels from Amazon. Have some in kitchen about cleaning up after oneself.


Bins are all outside the front door you have to pass coming in or out, so really no excuse.


Bins are clearly marked as General versus recycling , but they seldom bother.


You just end up having to separate it yourself before collection day.


Kind Regards


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Photoeverhome 2 years ago

I have no problems at all, our guests expect to sort, I have sorting in the kitchen and garbage outside.

But I think there should be a box to tick because you have it on your accommodation through booking.

since i wrote there is now a box to tick because you have environmentally friendly cleaning agents, soap etc. which is very good I think.

However, Iso certification does not work for small accommodation like ours ......