What do 5 stars represent?

What do the 5 stars at hotels stand for? 


Since some are very luxurious and they only have 3 stars.

Some have 5 and there are things missing, or the host just ate a lemon 

Some are remote and rugged, but they offer what guests want, including toilet outside and only cold water. 

Some are in town and have the best of best, but far away from the airport,

Some are near the airport but are plain and poor, 

Some countries think 3 star is pretty good

Some guests rate something 5 stars and it is actually 7,

Some hosts say their property is 5 but it is not better then 2 star.....

How do we choose, how do we know? 


I had someone giving me an 8 as a rating, since in their country, 8 is top of top. See, all very relative....

Curious about what you think. 

What do you think your property is worth how many stars, and what do your guests say??


Wishing you all a blessed Easter , 



Aaltje B. 


Mashi Niwarthana

Yeah. Well said and this is a so important post. Actually my one is a small gust house having only 4 rooms. But all the people have rated it as a 5 star hotel.

In Sri Lanka, 5 start means that is the best hotel with all the facilities All the means can't drscribe it with words. But my one is so small.. Actually I'm really happy but sometimes i have faced lots of difficult situations because of that rating.

Because some guests expect too much after arriving because of that rating. But I'm really happy because i have given a good service i feel that when i saw those rating.

Cheers from SriLanka

Aaltje B.

Exactly Mashi!

My unit is small too, it rates 5 stars by Airbnb , and yes, it is beautiful, it is practical and very cosy, but I don't have marble floors (would be cold in winter) and don't have underfloor heating, which they will have in a 5 star hotel, and talking bathroom only ! )

I have aluminium door handles, not gold.

People have to light the fire themselves (after I helped them the first time) so don't have central heating.

People who are seeking this will rate it highly, business people may not like to get their hands dirty though...

I do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g myself, which means; no butler !

Room service...My unit is not a "hotel" but a one bedroom unit, it is self-contained, and guests can get everything they need. But I will cater for all sorts of requests when guests need something, when reasonable.

I even don't have a T.V. Since most people come for nature, not for entertainment. This is a totally different situation.

Is it therefore less attractive? Looking at numbers and reviews coming in: no.

You see, there are a lot of variations to the system...

And I agree Mashi, that you give a good service. That is the most important in my eyes. Thank you for doing that !

Anyone else?


Aaltje B.