What do you think about Price Quality Dashboard?

Recently Booking.com just launch new version of Price Performance Dashboard. What your feedback about this?


For us, we feel that it not fair for comparing rate which Booking.com cannot offer the same. The comparing rate is should be Apple to Apple concept. Booking.com should not compare public rate with mobile or member rate. Neither Booking.com should not compare advertising rate with final selling rate, As hotel have no control of advertising rate.


But u cant see any improvement even you have fix it. 


example in certain IP 3 days ago there is price diferance in google but now you cant see it because booking.com is not biding for that IP. but PQS scores is at the same level. 


Its like you need to close out your all the partners and only sell on booking.com but even that your sore will not reach 100% because there reports are not accurate.