What do you think - the best facilities guest like


Will be interested to know -

What do you think - the best facilities guest like most -

please share your views,

thank you friends.

Aaltje B.

The best my guests like is cleanliness and quality of the bed/bedding. These get the highest review.

Being there at check-in and having a small chat is much appreciated, since many have questions about this area when they have never been there, and they don't want to miss out on things.

I often find out from my guests what their aim of travel is : business, nature, photography, just wind down with a good book and have a rest etc. Everyone is unique and I love to cater just for that. I just reserved a seat for two at one of our nearby restaurants. Reservationon the day is often too late.

If my guests are happy, then I am :)

Ourim Bah

Great idea to reserve a table for your guests, will use that one! And totally agree on everything you have noted that guests appreciate. Thank you for your input!

Le Balcon des Jasses


This is the best word; I 100% agree, exactly what I do to every one..Thank you, Have a nice day

Lucy Le Balcon des Jasses