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What to expect for the travel industry in 2021

Hi everyone,

So many interesting and insightful conversations happened during Click. 2021. Explore our Click. 2021 event page to learn more.

Our CEO Glenn Fogel said in the Daily Studio Show "Our future together": “Our company's role is to shape the future of the travel industry and make it better”. And supporting you, our partners, along this road to recovery is a really important part of that.


Here are a  few more takeaways that were shared at the event, that will give you an idea of how we’re reimagining our partnership this year.

Capturing growing demand

To rebuild business together, we need to focus on stimulating - and capturing - demand. Lots of ways we do this were unpacked at Click., including:

  • The Booking.com mobile app - we’re investing in app development to make sure customers’ booking experiences are as seamless as possible. And for partners, it means more reservations, more guests, and more revenue.
  • Payments - we’re continuing to invest in making improvements to our payments solutions so that our partners can increase their revenue security, and customers have more flexibility around which payment method they wish to use. 
  • Genius levels are extended. To stimulate the demand for our Genius partners on Booking.com, we launched a trial in 2020, which enabled all Booking.com account holders to experience the Genius programme for 7 days. The results showed that this helped the participating partners (who were offered a 10% discount) to drive up to 20% more bookings from these logged-in customers, resulting in a positive ROI. Based on the successful trial we decided to extend the Genius Level 1 offering to guests as soon as they’ve created an account. One more Genius Level is being prepared for a launch to customers at the end of this year. We call it “Genius Level 3”. These are the highest-value travelers - those with 15+ bookings in two years.

Technology is a solution

As a tech company, we have big opportunities to improve our processes and products and adapt to the current rules and regulations. And this is what we plan to do. There are a few tech trends that Glenn Fogel mentioned in his speech:

  • The Connected Trip - The goal of the Connected Trip is to create seamless end-to-end travel experiences. It is particularly vital when you consider the shift in consumer behavior towards mobile booking. We believe that offering additional trip products like cars, flights, taxis, and attractions will help to capture more demand and encourage more guests to make reservations.
  • Artificial Intelligence. This technology gives amazing opportunities to predict things and helps both customers and partners to make changes beforehand. By the way, our Guest Review System works on a very interesting feature that is called tailored advice. It is based on your property performance to help you improve your performance. For example: we will analyse the guest’s history and past reviews to inform you in advance that she is vegetarian. It will enable you to make necessary arrangements to cater to the guest.

What do you expect for the travel industry in 2021? What is the most exciting tech trend for you? Tell us in the comments. Don't forget to use our hashtag #click2021.


michael beeston

Hi Sergei..............For Australia I believe we will have enormous Local Domestic travel...............Australia is almost as BIG as America and Australian Tourist is promoting .." see Australia FIRST"............Remember it takes 5 hours to fly from Sydney to Perth and so so so much to see in Aussie...............Australians spent $50 Billion on International travel last few years......NOW it will be spent in Australia....good news....we still miss very much International travel BUT it is Out of Our Hands. !!!.Good Luck Europe and lets hope the Covid will STOP . The Australian Government is giving away a million vouchers of approx $200 each to help Australian travel in Australia...Magic !!!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Michael,

Australia is one of the most remote, fascinating countries in the world...a complete travel destination...

Has myriad of Natural wonders, plenty of. wildlife, endless klm. of sandy beaches, landscapes, culture...a paradise for adventure seekers...but above all it has the Pinnacle in Queensland...which everyone would love to visit!!!


You are so lucky living in such an amazing place...


Great news that your government is helping Australians to explore again the beauties of their country...Wish our government could do the same...


Europe is still suffering and Greece is under lockdown until 15.4...


People are very confused and tired with this situation...they are ready to escape...


Do you keep self distances???are your bars and clubs open???


Wish you a great season with or without International guests...with magic bubbles 🥂🥂🥂





michael beeston

Thanks Maria

All bars/restaurants/supermarkets/Sporting facilities....EVERYTHING is open....we almost dont know Covid exists........Amazing !!!...Everything is Normal and yes we keep self distancing...Safety !!!


I am reading about Europe /Germany/France at the moment....wow !!!..BE SAFE..terrible situation....

M Adamopoulou

Exactly Michael...

Terrible situation...people cannot control themselves anymore...

Big apartments and villas are reserved for parties and when the police gets noticed people are hiding in closets...jumping from the balconies to avoid to get arrested and pay the fines!!!


Now that the weathers is getting warmer and people are get vaccinated...let’s hope that things will get better...


We need to be connected with our beloved ones...our friends...our guests...thanks to technology we haven’t lost connection but physical connection...a big hug and a kiss...are irreplaceable!!!


Have a nice Sunday evening 😊

Isle of Wight …

Uh oh, so people can get a Genius discount for simply opening a Booking.com account .... BDC lowering the bar again .....

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately, not only BDC  but all OTA advise for promotions...offers...

Keep well!!!