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Why are we not receiving bookings on

We posted our newly renovate property on & Airbnb. We are priced the same on both sites. We have booked 22 nights to guests on Airbnb but have yet to get a booking on It seems unlikely that everything is ok with our listing. You would think we would have received a few bookings by now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Riverside Dreams

St Stephen New Brunswick Canada


Hi there,

I had a look at your photos and they all look good (if I was being hyper-critical, I'd say tidy up the bed a bit and take the throw off). Seems that the biggest problem you have is competition locally. The other place near you is cheaper, bigger and smarter. I'd ask them to send their overbooking to you, and drop my prices.

Sorry if that seems a bit harsh, but you have got to get some ratings on before people will trust your place, so drop your prices to get the ball rolling.

Best of luck.


AG Lodging

Airbnb helps new hosts by boosting their listings at the beginning. In this way, they give chance to hosts with no or few reviews to be visible. This will not last forever, and after some time / several guests, you will have to rely on your own.

In the meantime, you should "catch" your first guests at Booking. As Hoodytwoshoes said, drop the prices to get the ball rolling :) I would suggest not to just decrease manually, but to set some promotion or use some opportunity. In this way, your property will be marked by special label (e.g. "August deal 20%" or something like that) and it will be promoted by email to selected guests who were interested for this period and this region. This will help you to get the first guests, and then, more will come.

Wish you luck :)