Why cant we review our guest like you can on Airbnb!!

I am really unimpressed by the way Booking.com guest review our businesses I feel it is unfair and does not work.

A guest has told potential guests to avoid one of my rooms purely on the basis of their opinion that the mattress was too soft!!! 

I am calmer now but I was livid yesterday 

Aaltje B.

Oh dear!

That is really frustrating, isn't it?

Is it the mattress that is soft, or is the base too flexible? Bedding is something very personal. My bed is "softish" but the base is firm. And a lady gave me a very bad review once because I should have told her the bed was very firm.....So now I have written on my photo in the listing that the bed is firm. It's latex and wool and feels different from a spring mattress.

But most of my guests rave about the bed, and I think it is the crown of the cottage:)

You could tell people before they book by writing on a photo that bed is soft, or mattress is soft, whatever is the case. That way people are prepared. Since most guests don't read everything in the description about your unit but they do see the pictures before they book.

I like to review my guests, (also connected to Airbnb) And yes, I think BDC should differentiate between big hotels and small units.

BDC's answer to me was that they couldn't realize the review system the same as Airbnb has. But I have since requested that host can review guests as well too. And you can do the same, and other readers too, please. Since it will help us all.

I have heard that Asian people love firm mattresses, Europeans love the softer ones. And people that are heavy weight suit a good spring mattress. And we can't cater for all, can we. So this will remain a difficult subject and we can't please everyone.

So hopefully you can do something about the bed, but try not to be too upset. If you have a good quality bed, then your reviews will come up again soon.

Have a great weekend.


Aaltje B.


M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Lally-Cocka and welcome to the forum.
Guests are hard to please.
Listen to Aaltje B..... she’s an expert especially in beds...
Take care...

M Adamopoulou

Aaltje B. you are absolutely right. The more we ask the more chances we have that BDC listens to our requests.
Have a great weekend my dear...


I find this discussion to be a very universal discussion of the issues around the world and heck sometimes it feels like I or we never want to get out of beds for good and bad or bed reasons. Thought I would put in my 2 cents kind of like the review and forum experiences in the world today........I could go on but it might bore you or bed you? :) :)

Martina Stoecker

I wonder what happened if we as accommodation provider would be able to review our guests on Booking.com......it would be fair actually, don't you think? Why can guests write a review as anonymous? Why is there sometimes no option to respond on a review? How are we able to defend ourselves then if there is no chance other than to respond? So why not vise versa?

Of course I'm happy and thankful about good reviews and it shows how hard we work, it's the quintessence.

But how great was the time years ago without reviews. A big hug, tears in the eye and word by mouth said more than scores and rankings. Well, we have to live with them - and work with them. Maybe for some it is easier to log a complaint online, probably....

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Martina how nice...A big hug, tears in the eyes and word by mouth...
More human, more friendly...
Unfortunately many things have changed since then and we have to go along...
I always have the option to respond to my reviews...
Take care...