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Hi Everyone,

We are excited to share two new features on the Partner Hub with you.

Save for later:

We have added the ability to save content in the Partner Hub. Simply select the heart icon on the articles you want to save and visit your profile any time to read them. Log in now to start building your personal library. Having the most important content at your fingertips is easy now!

Recommended Content: 

We know you don't have endless time to scroll through articles. That's why our experts have pre-selected content we think you need to see, directly in your Partner Hub profile. Sign in now to see what has been recommended for you. 

New profile: 

We are constantly looking to make your user experience smoother. We hope this new profile page design will bring us closer to that goal. 


Have a look at your profile and let me know what you think about the new updates in the comments! 


Brooke - Commu…

Great list! If you have some time, maybe you could create a post with these suggestions so we can feature it :-) 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei,

Thanks for the upgrade!!!


Very useful...especially the love safe....

As a newbie I have been saving many interesting and useful posts...


Now it will be easier to find my love ones...


The recommended one is also helpful...

Will it be updated every time  there is a new article published ???

Thanks again for thinking of us.

Zoe Schupp

This is amazing 

thanks so much 

what a great time to host