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click event 2018 helps small hotels?

hi every one

for the people who already went to the event last year

how reach this event was by the useful information in the hospitality sector?

do you think it worth it for the small businesses ? 

thank you all in advance.

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Leandri Klopper

Hey Cairwan Hotel!

I wasn't at Click2018 although I did win a ticket. Because I was not able to attend I received video footage of some of the keynote speakers. 

Their points of view, based within the hospitality and travel industry, is extremely informative. It's definitely worth the attend plus if you are actually there in person, then it is a networking opportunity. The industry we are in isn't only built on smart marketing / creative rates / optimal business plans etc, but also on good relationships with affiliates within the industry. 

If I were able to, I would go every year. 

Looking forward to more replies on this post. 

2 months ago
Cairwan Hotel

Hello Leandri Klopper :

thank you for taking time replying back,

I really like this type of events where ever and when you join you add value to your back ground, this event is far and needs more sacrifices than others, that why I try to  know more about it,maybe from the people who already attend to the events before.

Thank you again looking forward to more replies on this post 

2 months ago