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Delete Smartphone opportunities


I want to get rid of this: Delete How can I do this?

Increase bookings made on smartphones by an average of 26%

Apr 7, 2019

Over half of all our bookings are made on mobile devices. Activate a mobile rate today to become a top pick for customers in this valuable and expanding sector. You'll also target millennials (who leave more reviews), improve your visibility and exposure, and get a special badge.
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Aaltje B.

hi Info, sorry, your question is not clear.

It looks like you are quite desperate.

Are you saying you don't want people to make a booking via their cellphone?


Anyone can advice, please.

If you don't get a response within a day, just leave your message in the inbox by logging in via Extranet. You know the drill...

If anyone else can advice, please do so.

Thank you,


Aaltje B.

4 months ago