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Meeting with your Market Manager

Hi everyone,

We're on since January 2015 and we have had 4 or 5 Market Manager.

We met the 1st one two times, the 2nd one one time and that's it.

I'm being curious, how does it work in your country?



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Veronika Group

We get an Account Manager assigned if we have 3+ rooms. Since we are not a hotel, they do not proactively visit us or schedule meetings, but they are able to schedule on if we request it.
For example, we are working with since 2014 and it was only last year, on our initiative, that we met our Account Manager for the first time.
Our friends in Austria say that they have 2-3 rooms and get regular visits from their Account Manager. I guess it depends from regional office to regional office.

1 year ago
Blue Turtle Ho…

Well here in Sri Lanka, with 16 rooms we do not have regular visits.
That's interesting.

1 year ago
Phill A

Hmm, we've been with since 2014 - didn't know we had an area manager. Maybe just for the larger hotels, capital city or tourist regions. I can understand that.

1 year ago

Saw some of the manchesterI think our account manager is based in Manchester

Never seen them

When we phone them they never answer and the call gets diverted to Customer Services and when we asked CS to ask them to call us no one bothers

Saw some of the Manchester team at a Meet nearby 2 years ago -the only good thing that came out of 2 wasted hours was a couple of travel adaptors as the shared concerns many of us expressed to the team met with promises but nothing happened

No doubt they are off chasing big accounts and visiting large hotels all day !

11 months ago

The last time we saw an Account Manager was 5 years ago. Since then the person has changed seemingly every six months.

We had a very honest one once that told us that they are so badly trained that even though we are in Spain we should always write any message/e-mail in English as 97% of the messages/e-mails would have to be referred to head office.

Also that many regional offices are not actually offices but are call centres that have accounts with multiple companies.

11 months ago
Blue Turtle Ho…

Same here. Calls go to Customer Service.

Also, even though they do not visit us, occasionally we receive some calls from them about a super duper extra promotion which will generate a lot of reservations.

10 months ago