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Wrong Score awarded! - 2018 Guest Review Awards

Has anybody else received a Guest Review Award with the wrong score?

We had a score of 8,7 awarded but our score since August/September of 2018 has remained at 8,8 and still is as I write this. It is demoralizing to receive the wrong score, as we have grown our score from 8,0 to 8,3 then 8,7 over a three year period since taking over the B&B. So we were really looking forward to getting our 2018 reward so that we could proudly display it in our property.

Now we are sitting here with the same award score which doesn't mirror our BDC score!

I have written to BDC, but as there isn't a specific subject header for partner support I doubt it will get answered. They only seem to answer emails that are easy ones to deal with.

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There are definitely bugs in the review system.

We just received a review with a valid-for-us reservation number but a completely different name! We have searched our and extranet records for this different name and come up blank.

The REAL guest in question has already left us a glowing TA review so I really cannot believe thay would suddenly leave a poor one on BDC and magically change their name after the event.

I have written in about this and await the reply. As of this moment the name/booking-number search is now also completely down for us.

There be bugs I say, big nasty buggy bugs with bulging eyes and oozing, external digestive juices....

8 months ago