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2020 highlights in the Partner Community

Dear community,

I want to thank you all for staying connected in the Partner Community in 2020. The year, of course, was very challenging, but we went through the challenges together. 

In 2020 over 7000 partners joined the conversation in the Partners Community, more than 8000 posts published, more than 19000 comments posted and over 12000 votes were given to the posts and comments published by partners. Thank you very much for being active in the Community! 

I want to give a special thanks to our top contributors who helped thousands of partners in 2020 and shared so many great tips with you:


M Adamopoulou


Aaltje B.


By the way, we will have a chance to learn more about our top contributors. We asked them to answer a few questions for a small interview about how they started their business, what they think about the industry, future trends, and Partner Community. You will find the posts in the Partner Community. Stay tuned! 

I would also like to highlight a few most discussed and viewed threads published in 2020:


New guests after a long covid break by Aaltje B. 

Tips for Excellent Reviews!!! by M Adamopoulou (it was even translated into Italian)

How-To - Fix My Property Location using Google Maps by BrookAve 

How to deal with a guest review that is unfair by Joanne Walsh 

How to find guests traveling for work? by Yannick LY

How do you analyze your competitors by Miguel

What breakfast to serve during pandemic? by I Colori del Vento B&B

Let me know in the comments what was your favorite conversation that happened in the Community in 2020. 

Stay safe and take care! See you in the Partner Community in 2021! 

Sergei and the Community team


2020 Thank you card





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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Many thanks Sergei for this post!!!


It is a great experience being a member of this Partner Community!!!


Wish 2021 is a more prosperous year for all of us!!!