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Ability to respond to a review that does not leave a comment

     Partners are unable to respond to a guest review, if the guest does not leave at least one written word. We as hosts need the ability to respond to a review if the guest only leaves a 1-10 category score. I consistently get all 10's with my vacation rental property. When a guest leaves a score unusually low in one of the categories. I explore the reason of the low score with the guest through the message portal on the extranet. This communication with the guest gives me the opportunity to correct or comment on the low score. Because the guest did not leave a written comment (just scores) there is no way for me to respond with a comment to the guests review, so a future guests will understand the reason for the low score.

Example: I had guest give a score of all 10's but only a 3 for facilities. When I asked them why a 3 for facilities. The answer was: You had no pool. 

With this information I could have responded like this: "Thank you for your review and for explaining to me the low score of 3 for facilities, was because we do not have a pool. 


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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Exactly right Tropical Oasis,

And you could request that to the professionals working for BDC via login to Extranet and dropping your request via Inbox.

I totally agree with your request for BDC website developer to create a better review system in order to respond to previous guests and for future guests to understand the why's of the low score.

Since they could be totally out of place, or not relevant for the future guests, and it will stimulate bookings. Since a future-booker does look at photo's and reviews.

Keep requesting and the team may listen! Great idea.

Wishing you many happy guests.


Aaltje B.

Donna Feldman 1 year ago

I just received very low marks from a guest who, I can only surmise, decided that it was the only way to vent, having realised that she had not researched the area sufficiently, told me after two days that she was uninterested in anything in the area, and opted to leave early. She did not even ask for a refund (which I may or may not have given her), but the numerical review is so low and because she left no comment, there is no way to mitigate the scores. A bit rough, I would say.