Add an extra night on current booking


Wondered if someone can help. My apartment is 2night minimum and I have a guest who has booked 3 nights and wants to add an extra night onto their booking.

How to I do this? If i cant do it myself what do i change to enable them to book just one night without someone else booking the date if i open it?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Burbage Apt


You should do things:

  1. Block the 4th night on Extranet Calendar so it cant be overbooked by online visitor. Reduce the inventory for that room by 1. Using the List View makes it easy to view and toggle.
  2. Offer them a cash price or option to pay by card if you have a onsite POS such as a sumup.com card reader.

I usually offer them a base rate for cash which will be cheaper than the online nightly base rate.

It just makes it nice and simple.


Kind Regards


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