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Adults booking a child’s bed

I have a family room that is intended for a couple plus child. There is one double bed and a narrow single bed. The problem is that this room keeps being booked by three adults wanting to save money. I can’t find a way of restricting the booking to two adults and a child, other than changing the maximum occupancy for this room to two in “room details”. This would limit my potential market, as families will search for three-bed rooms. I don’t mind an occasional  teenager in that bed, up to say 14 years, but I don’t want three grown men or ladies who are consuming adult-size breakfasts and using up loads of hot water and really should be booking two rooms between them. Any suggestions?

Asad C 5 years ago

You could perhaps make it clear in your policy that the single bed is suitable for a child under 14 years, and for anyone older there will be an additional surcharge of X per night.

However, without knowing how often the room gets sold out, it goes without saying that its always financially better to have the room occupied (and to increase your chances of it being occupied) than not at all.

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Guinevere Davi… 5 years ago

Good Afternoon, We have only our luxury suite as rooms that can accommodate a 3rd person. We say 3rd person as the same problem will occur. We have set a rate that regardless of adult or child they pay a fixed fee for the Extra bed in the room. This way you wont have a problem with a 3rd adult in the room. make the rate count...

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hello Corinne!

I had a bit of a giggle at your description, grown men consuming adult-sized breakfast! Haha very well written so thanks for that.

Well, it seems our two friends have answered the question. You literally go onto the Extra net, under Property you can select Policy. Then there will be a section that says Children and Extra beds.

One thing I am unsure of though, is whether or not you need to now remove the one bed from the room and active the policy? Or do you the bed and it applies on the extra bed?

If you can figure it out, please update us as I would love to know!

Thanks again for the laugh! ~ Kind regards

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Corinne Orde 5 years ago

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback. Adding a fee for an "extra" bed doesn't solve the problem, as I'd have to state the occupancy of that room as 2. Couples with a child who is too old for a cot, would put "3" in the occupancy field in the search engine, in which case my room won't show up in their search results. Asad Chaudary's suggestion is a good one, but the policies are all menu-driven and choice-based, and they don't contain the. It is not possible to create tailor-made policies, and they don't seem to be room-specific. When three adults book, I do try to put them off by saying the bed is a child's bed and is very narrow. Doesn't seem to put them off, though! I expect they'd be happy to sleep on the floor, if it saves them money! It's a dilemma, as I want couples with a small child to find a room at a reasonable price, as it's a lovely place to stay with a big garden, chickens, cats, wild deer etc.