API for booking.com

Hi All

Need some help regarding getting api access to my booking.com account. 

I am trying to get my channel manager created and I need to get my software to manage the booking at booking.com through API. 

Thx in advance



5 years ago

Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for your post and sorry to see another partner hasn't responded to you yet. The quickest way to get help on this now would be to send a message to one of our teams through your extranet inbox.

Good luck with everything,

Anouchkaa B 5 years ago


I have the same requirement. Below is the message I sent through the extranet inbox on 1st July. Did not get any answer yet.
I wish to be able to connect to the extranet to retrieve the list of bookings of the month, with the date of arrival and departure of each tenant.
I would like to be able to communicate this list to the person who deals with the household, but without having to give him access to my account on the extranet.
I tried to create a google calendar and then sync from the extranet. But when exporting, if two different customers arrive and leave on the same day, only the date of arrival of the first customer is displayed, the two stays are merged, and the end date is the departure date of the second. customer.
So, the person will not know that it must come and do the cleaning after the departure of the first customer.
Is it possible to directly access extranet calendar data from an external application?
I developed a python script that works well to list the google calendar, but on the extranet booking, the script fails because it is required to fill in the pin code requested by the application in case of connection from a new device.

How do I tell the extranet that I trust this device in a programmatic way ?
Thank you for your help