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Application for the removal of duplicate property.



Application for the removal of duplicate property.


We have brought the property named 3 Hills county situated at wayanad, kerala, india since 01.04.2018 from the previous owner Mr. Babu. We have listed the same property in booking .com with the name 3 HILLS COUNTY HOMESTAY . As the previous owner also has listed the above mentioned property in the name 3 Hills County with his contact details and causes confusion to our customers


So here by requesting you to remove the duplicated property named ‘3 Hills County’ as early as possible


Thanking you


hector 4 years ago

Just be aware that it will take BDC a long time to sort out the duplication.

We have a similar problem that has caused problems and for BDC to mix up the two properties - mixed up photos, informtaion and availabilty. Online adverts and information shown to guests has been a mixture of both properties. We are now into our second month of the issue so it will take a long time for you to see results.

Good luck.