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Anyone has recommendation on 3rd party message automation services? We are looking for something that we can schedule the message based on time & keywords. For example, check-out reminder the night (after 7pm) before the check-out date. Or if guest ask question about 'convenient store', the system will push out pre-configured message for stores near by.

We run our properties on Airbnb using that has above features. Just recently start hosting on But we couldn't find anything like that.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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fluff 5 years ago

Have you looked under; "Property" / "Messaging Preferences". You have a selection of Automatic, Template Schedular and Your Templates.

Maybe these will cover what you require.

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Wowotoe 5 years ago

Unfortunately's own Messaging options are very limited. And I can only schedule ONE template under Messaging Option. I'm looking for TIME & KEYWORDS auto messaging features. For examples, we send out courtesy Check-Out reminder at 8PM the day before check-out. And send out list of convenient stores when guest's message contains keyword 'convenient store'.

There are several companies that offer these kind of services for Airbnb. I'm surprised that I cannot easily find any of them for Or maybe hosts like to send out messages manually?

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Wowotoe, thanks for your post. Welcome to the forum :)

Based on partner feedback, the team at has recently updated the template tool with added schedule and personalisation features. Just follow the directions that fluff has described and find where it says Your Templates.

Love this idea about keyword activation. Thanks for sharing!

- Laura and the Communities team

Robert Freese 3 years ago

Its been a year since you posted this response, and I still only see three options, which is VERY limiting from a customer service perspective. 

Stuartlocalbuyer 5 years ago

Hi Wowotoe

I fully agree with you. template scheduler is too limited,

I like to send my guests access details three/ seven days before arrival, this isn't available. I would have thought it would be easy enough for the developers to add to the drop down box?

I did contact about this and was asked to come and make a comment here as they thought it was the best way forward - the more likes and responses the posts get the more likely we are to get such an option!

Good luck


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Wowotoe 5 years ago

Hi Stuartlocalbuyer,

I found a service that does exactly what I'm looking for! Your Porter App. They offer versatile template messages, schedule deliveries and complete sync for both Airbnb & (including auto charge to Stripe) I've tested with them for 2 weeks already and I'll definitely keep on using them. Once I setup all the templates/rules for guests & cleaners, I have literally nothing else to do except watching my bank account collecting money from both Airbnb &

Here is the link to their website: