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B willing to B different

the idea of starting our Lumley's Place bed and breakfast in a past mission station village of owners being descendants from freed slaves - village started in 1843, we opened our doors in Dec 2008, was met with much ooh and aah's and no believe that anyone would come lay their heads down on our pillows - bums in beds and eyes on the mountains - who cannot but take the challenge to be different and take that wild leap of sharing our tranquil beauty, quiet surrounds and warm hospitality of our locals with the world.  

Dec 2018 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and saw occupancy slowly but surely hiking - we had no business background, no idea of what the future holds for tourism in our country with all the new legislation for abridged certificates, crime, government that are barely holding it together due to corruption and what not - 

  • Has anyone else also took that leap of faith against all odds?
  • whom are all first generation tourism business owners like ourselves?
  • I firmly believe in family business and majority are family members - permanent, no -pay, temporary, lend your skill here uncles and aunts - whats been your experience?
  • Family has it challenges - freebies , etc, but all can be overcome

I would love to know and learn especially experienced family businesses. We are graded 4 stars by our local tourism board and due to family life declined being 5stars as we will sacrifice too much if need to be there 24/7 due to already nuclear family demand as well as demand for 24/7 checking in and out and the meals as well. 

We are not fully financially stable yet as we have learnt that 4 rooms does not quite break even yet thus in process of finishing off more rooms to assist with peak season demands to assist business in low season  ( my husband still has his full time job and not in the tourism with me .... yet)

Your take on this please 

God bless