Bad review, by booker not guest

So we have been getting great reviews for a few years now, our average score is around 9.0.

recently we got a 4.2 from an Austrian guest in German. I asked our manager what happened and he told me that they booked one of our large one bedroom apartments, but there were 4 guests, and they expected a 2 bedroom apartment. They claimed that it said they booked a two bedroom apartment on our website, but clearly that is not the case. Furthermore, my manager informed me that the Booker, did not stay, but his Filipino wife. As such, I wondered how we got such a scathing review in perfect German... obviously the Austrian husband booked, mistakenly thinking it’s a two bedroom, and the wife is disappointed and makes her complaint to the husband... he reacts by writing a bad review. 

Can I do anything about someone writing a review, when they did not actually stay in the apartment.

many thanks, 

Guy Hayklan 

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Bandara Hotels… 4 years ago

You can contact Booking.com to help you remove this comment with all reference yiu have. But the chance is very low.

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Hi Guy,

Power to Philippines!

Its common situation here as there is believe "if you marry Filipina, you will marry whole family". So, what does it mean for us, hoteliers? It means that foreigner arrives with his wife and her "extended family", which may include mama, papa, brother, sister, cousin, third cousin, in law cousin, and continue with hundreds of possible relatives or somehow related individuals...

"mistakenly thinking it’s a two bedroom" - it's you, who is mistakenly thinking that your guests are honest people. Austrians are intelligent people who do not have problems with education in their country. I have checked your listing and it's extremely very clear! Even people who don't know how to read can easily understand how many people can stay as your rates were specially made for them.

By posting such comments the Austrian husband showed all his love and protection to his Filipina wife (is she 30 years younger than him?) When his "baby" is disappointed, he screams at this "bad guy", whoever he is... Hotel owner or gasoline boy...

While those two celebrating their "love", other people are intelligent enough to understand that any lie in reviews starts with "room was dirty", classics!

99% will not read review in German. Germans and Austrians will not believe as normally they are very easy to deal with people and I got all my 10s from Austrians. Austrians are known for being responsible, flexible and good in managing people; many high class hotels have Austrian general managers. So, I sincerely hope this review will not affect your future bookings.

As for deleting this review, there is no valid reason for it. It does not interfere with Booking rules and yes, Booking allows third party reviews. That means if secretary books for her boss, she can complain, and in any language...and go wild...

Despite that I will still try to write to Booking and ask to delete this review (what if...).

If you really care about your high score, deny entry to dishonest problematic people, who are obviously trying to scam you demanding for 2 bedroom apartment for free.

Create any "mistakenly" excuse and avoid them at all costs. Tell them that you allow only Germans or they need to show you their certificate of marriage. Force them to cancel their reservation and feel happy not to stay with such "mistakenly" host.

Because people who are trying to scam you from very start 1000% guarantee will leave you bad review. Next time it will be in other language and with 2.5 score. Ask Booking to cancel their reservation immediately for disrespecting your rules and catch the guest, who is responsible and honest!