B&B rosteline

Hi We get just a lastminute reservation for today, we don't now how is it possible but, this has to be cancelled, because we are closed through the gouverment till at least 8 june 2020.

the reservation number is *** on the name ***

for more information you can contact me on mobile ***

best regards

B&B Rosteline

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi B&B Rosteline


This is not how you cancel, dont post booking info nor your mobile. please.

You must open the reservation page for this booking:


  • 1. send message informing guest of the restriction and that you are now going to start the cancel process.
  • 2. on right pane of the reservation details page, click on Request Cancellation. Choose option2.
  • 3.Now wait for guest to receive the confirmation email and click the confirm action, once they do that  the refund process will start once its confirmed.


Kind Regards