The Blonde Version

Hi...it's me again, the blonde lol

I'd like to thank the person who helped me last week about changing prices ...THANK YOU :)   It took me a few days to figure it out as b.com is not very blonde friendly LOL  I cant find the original post to thank you there and it took me an hour to figure out how to start a new post (see..I'M BLONDE!!). :D

Now I'm off to do some housework before my day is gone again trying to figure this web site out lmao

Have a lovely day everyone :)

Ireland-B&B 5 years ago

OMG Fluff...your a genius, THANK YOU. :D

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi! Ireland-B&B blonde version!!! I think I helped you out but you don’t need to thank me. I also feel as a blonde version sometimes... Everything is so new an confusing but thanks to the forum partners I am starting to look like a wise read head!!!! Hahaha...
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