Booking.com and Ctrip

We are a BDC partner, and receive bookings from Ctrip through BDC (although the guests are usually unaware of this, only that they have booked through Ctrip.  We can sign up with Ctrip in our own right, but the commission is greater.  I would be interested to know if any hoteliers have found an advantage with joining Ctrip separately.  We do receive a certain number of Chinese guests, from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and all are FITs.

I would also be interested to hear of any particular requirements that you have noted that Chinese guests have.

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Bangkokrobert 5 years ago


We get maybe a 1/3 of our guests from China and so far NONE have booked through Ctrip. They usually find us on Booking and Airbnb.

All over the world, travel destinations are adding a machine for their Chinese guests: hot water machines. It seems they have to have hot showers and hot drinking water. Instant noodles in a cup is a mainstay, too!

Good luck!!

Rob in Bangkok

AnnabelleS 5 years ago

Dear Rob,

Thanks very much for your reply. We already have kettles in the rooms so the guests can make themselves hot water, and we also have chilled and room temperature bottled water. I will make sure that we have some instant noodles as well.



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Amila Rathnayake 1 year ago

Hello Robert,

could you please send me the link of  C trip partner central? i am looking for it to bring some chineese guests. I could not find. and also now a days i am not getting any  bookings from air bnb. is there any problem with it?  Thank you.