The Booking.com response to partner posts

 I've been with booking.com for several years and I am most grateful for the increase in my business as a result. I also think that there are many excellent and helpful posts on this forum - for example, recent comments regarding the very vague 'location' category for guest scores.  I've been encouraged to join this forum but it is almost pointless unless there is evidence that booking.com read the comments and are prepared  to act upon them.  A partnership implies co-operation and mutual objectives.  When that becomes the normal practice here real progress could be made - until then, is there really any point submitting anything?!!

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Scott,

You're biased now.

First you say that you've learned more about some things that weren't clear for you and then you say that you see no point in using the forum. Make up your mind?

The is a partner's forum, not BDC support page, therefore, you will see other partners discuss things and ideas and help each other. BDC should not have an involvement in this until the name of the forum is Partner's Forum.

If you have issues regarding BDC that you want to tell them, then send a feedback message from your extranet, you have a button for this on every page. That will surely be read by them.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com