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Hello, I logged into my site tonight and found that I wan not availeble for booking, does'nt anyone know why it closed all my days? is this somthing that happends on a regular basis?

If so I may simply close the account and find elsewere..:-(

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi and welcome Gilles,


As a fellow partner we try to assist each other as this is not a direct line to the support teams.


As a new member typically  the issue is related to one or more of these:

  • Rate Plan is not linked to all room type or rooms.
  •  Calendar List View shows blank for rates on each day of all rates.


First thing I would suggest is open the Calendar, under 2nd menu.


Choose List view, now review the inventory count for the room(s) per date. If null or 0 that is reason one.


If all rates boxes are blank that is another reason.


One thing when you load the homepage of the extranet do you see this :


[Open / Bookable]  with a green background? 


no then either verification has not been done or pending or you forgot to click go live.


Also for payments , prepaid I strongly recommend: Payments by booking, takes the hassle out of collecting payments yourself.…


Kind Regards


TIP: Add your property link to your partner profile. Its helps other partners assist you .…


If you need direct support use Partner Help Contact Us in the footer of this page.

Or Extranet > Inbox >booking Messages . Click on Contact Us.


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Gilles Ouellette 3 years ago

I have reset all my dates to my room, so hopfully it won't happend again, thanks