Breakfast Included for a specified time.

Anyone shed some light on the best way to highlight that the rate includes breakfast for a specified time only ie Oct - March?

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fluff 5 years ago

At a guess I would say you need another room type, e.g. "Standard room with breakfast".

Then block out availability for the inappropriate months.

Then do the same for "Standard room only".

There may be a better way though....

hector 5 years ago

Hi guys. We have a similar problem (see the complete post here /en-gb/community/migliorare-la-performance/seasonality-breakfast ) in that we only serve breakfast from May through to end of September.

The problem is that if any of your rates contain breakfast then the ‘Do You serve meals’ within the “Facilities & Services” tab is automatically set to yes and because of this when a guest reserves a room that does not have breakfast included in the rate plan they are encouraged to “Enjoy a convenient The breakfast at the property for € XX per person, per night” in their reservation confirmation.

To counteract this, in our BDC ‘Fine Print’ it states that breakfast is only available from May to September and also within our ‘welcome’ message to theses guest we repeat that breakfast is only available from May to September.

It seems that Booking.com cannot cope with seasonailty.