Calendar Sync NIGHTMARE

The Think that matters most to me and my my small guest house is that it runs smoothly and efficiently. 

This is not the case the Booking.com's calendar sync set up. It's not user friendly at all and what I can't undo stand is the any over the phone advice leads you to Chanel manager accounts that want charge you for there service. "yet another expensive third party system that isn't needed. "

Airbnb has non issues with linking up to my ical. It actually doesn't even have a update problem to bookin.com's sync system either. Yet to manage the sync system is a nightmare and mostly just because if you mess up the sequence it you can't delete the sync. 

I find it VERY VERY difficult to believe that that in this modern time the answer is third part Chanel managers. SORT IT OUT booking.com 

You get enough commission from me. dedicate some staff to this as sort the bugs out that you phone consultant is talking about. 



Kiters Guest house. 

Harizma Alliance LP
4 years ago

How many rooms you have in your property ?