can the two property listings be interlinked?

I have a small property with 3 rooms. While we have listed individual rooms on Booking.Com but the whole chalet in itself is a big draw for customers and a big hit on other platforms. I want to list the whole cottage as an option for customer however the challenge is that it will mess with reservation systems on Booking.com primarily around double booking for example if one customer books the whole cottage, the rooms will still be visible to other customers. 

is there a way on Booking.com to automatically remove availability of rooms if the whole cottage is booked. I know its there on a competing platform but not on booking.com


any help will be highly appreciated. 



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Natasha Cvijetich 4 years ago

Good evening,

sorry for not helping you with question, I would like to ask you, cause somehow can not find; how do I list three rooms? I could only manage to do one listing for one room, but I do not know how to list other two?


Natasha C.

BrookAve 3 years ago

tut tut , do not hijack someone elses topic, make your own. 

very lazy and bold.