Can we do this?

Can we do the following: 

  • Create rooms for summer season with a package ie two rooms with Shared bathroom
  • Create room for winter months with different offering ie one room with a Private bathroom

Then switch between the offerings depending on time of year ie we run one set during the quieter winter months with only one room on offer and make the other offering available during the busier months. They won't overlap so there's no chance of double bookings but it will mean we can take advance bookings.

At the moment I wait until be have no bookings in the system and then reconfigure the room and then reverse those changes later on... rather tiresome to do...



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fluff 4 years ago


Have both types as different offerings, then close out the appropriate dates on the calendar.

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Ginascott57 4 years ago

You will notice if you search some large hotel that they do similar offerings. I'm confident you would be able to work something out to suit your seasons....it just might take some management - time.